Pre-School New Education School

Who We Are

New Education School was started in 1937 with a view to provide quality education in Ahmedabad. We have teachers who are skilled, qualified and trained by us in their respective subjects.

Our students are disciplined, cultured and sincere. We believe in all around development and imbibe virtues in the students and bring out the hidden expertise of each individual student.

Play Group

At New Education, we believe that each child deserves an enriching environment to learn and grow.

What will you learn?


Learning to look after yourself is the first step to developing independence. We will be teaching Self care to children which includes washing, dressing, going to the toilet and eating and drinking.


Going to nursery or school is a big part of every child and young person’s life. You need lots of different skills to join in at nursery or school. Below are the basic skills that we will be teaching children for an overall development. Thus your child will have an overall emotional and social development.


The right food habits play an important role in child’s overall growth. We will be conducting sessions not only for children but also for parents for the right nutritional development which can be cultivated at an early age.

Themed Classrooms in Play Group

• Dance & Music
• Art & craft
• Toy Zone
• Reading Tree

Learn from the very best


Mondays to Fridays 8 AM to 1 PM

We are here

New Education School Ghee Kanta cross roads, Relief Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001